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Big city amenities. Small town living.

Finances redefined

Knoxville offers one of the nation’s lowest costs of living, coming in 15.1% below the national average.

Adventure redefined

From outdoor amenities, to a bustling nightlife, to family-friendly activities, Knoxville has something for everyone.

Connection redefined

It's easy to find community in Knoxville with cultural organizations, industry associations, and social groups.

Future redefined

Situated between ORNL, TVA, and UT, Knoxville is developing cutting-edge technology that will change the world.

Entrepreneurship redefined

The first-designated Maker City by Etsy and home to multiple business accelerators and incubators, Knoxville prioritizes startups.

Location redefined

Nearly half of the nation’s population is within a day’s drive of Knoxville via six interstate highways which transect the area.

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Things we're excited about!

Downtown Stadium

Slated to open in 2025, the multi-use stadium will host the Smokies and other baseball events, concerts, festivals and even football and soccer.
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One Knoxville soccer club

One Knoxville Soccer Club is moving up to USL League One for the 2023 season. They're turning Knoxville into a true soccer town. #TOOK
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A 16-acre mixed-use development, Kern’s Bakery is located in New South Waterfront District, just over the Henley Street Bridge.. The nationally registered historic 75,000-square foot building will be transformed to an adventurous destination.
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What’s that giant gold microphone in the sky?

Knoxville’s skyline is defined by the Sunsphere. The Sunsphere isn’t a pez dispenser, ice cream cone, wig storage facility (for you Simpsons fans), or a large disco ball.

The Sunsphere was a structure built during the 1982 World’s Fair as a symbol of energy. It joins the ranks of other World’s Fair icons including the Eiffel Tower (1889 World’s Fair) and the Seattle Space Needle (1962 World’s Fair).

Looking to relocate? Consider moving to Knoxville, Tennessee. Regardless of the change you are looking to make, Knoxville can help you redefine your life. Redefine your finances with a low cost of living. Redefine your career with opportunities for advancement. Redefine adventure with an abundance of outdoor amenities. The perfect blend of big city amenities and small-town living is waiting. Contact us to learn more.